Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quick Update

I only have a few minutes to post in between my Russian classes but here are the highlights of this past week:

-I have been living without hot water entirely and for the majority of the day yesterday had no water at all. It really isn't as bad as you would imagine and the experience has made me feel more like a real Peace Corps volunteer that I had previously. There is also a pretty good possibility that I will be living w/o hot water at my permament site so its better to get used to it now.

-I had my site placement interview last week and feel that it went very well. There really is no way to tell what kind of impact what I told them will have in the placement process but I am hoping that I will wind up in my own house on the Sea with wireless internet and a washing machine like I asked...In all seriousness though, I was able to tell them how I envisioned my next two years going, the type of community in which I would like to live and the housing situation for which I am hoping. I will be finding out next week where my permanent site will be and promise to pass it along.

-Paul McCartney is playing a free concert in Kiev on June 14th and barring some unforeseen problems I will definitely be going! They expect somewhere between 100,000 and 300,000 peeps to be there so it should be a pretty exciting evening. Should make for an interesting blog entry...

-The weather here is hot and sticky...very uncomfortable. Yes, I know I am in the Peace Corps and have no right to complain about such things but you try sitting through a 3 hour Russian class in sticky, wet clothes in a room with no AC and tell me how you like it. That's what I thought...

Everything else is normalno. No major changes. I am following my Pistons and Wings as closely as possible...feel free to pass along any updates if/when you have the time. I will try and post something new before the end of the weekend. Miss y'all

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Brite Lines said...

Hi Jordan, just wanted to let you know I'm keepin' tabs on your blog and looking forward to hearing of your adventures in Russia! Pistons & Celts tied 2-2 at this point :-)
- Maureen -