Saturday, June 7, 2008

Short Entry

The internet here in the local cafe is giving me problems so I will post a quick entry...Overall I had a really good week. We successfully planned and ran a summer camp and I could really tell that the students enjoyed being there. The smiles, hugs and thank you's helped to reinforce that what I am doing over here is important and appreciated...definitely helped to recharge the batteries. We also held our event (field day) at the local orphanage this week and managed to pull off a great event. Despite the rains that necessitated that we completely change our plans at the last minute, everyone involved had fun and the officials from the Ukrainian Ministry of Education who came to watch told us that they were impressed. Good stuff.

Also was extremely happy that my Wings brought home the Cup. The last two games of the finals were actually shown live here (at 3am!) so I woke up in the middle of the night and managed to watch silently while my family slept 10 feet away. I almost lost it during game 5 but was never worried about the outcome of the series and my boys didn't let me down. It was kind of surreal to watch the celebration from Ukraine but very cool. Again...Championship DVD's and T's are welcomed.

Alright...thats all for now. I will try and blog one more time before I am sworn in as an offical volunteer next weekend. Miss you all...


Muzachary said...

yeah boyee,

So what's the deal with this orphanage? How many kids there? How are they treated when you're not around? Were they given up by their parents or taken from them?
What kind of activities did you run during camp?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is awesome, I love your writing. Your experiences so far sound incredible. I miss you. - naima