Thursday, April 10, 2008

Russian is HARD...not that I didn't think it would be, but seriously...its hard. Not like the 4th hole at Lincoln Hills hard, but like playing Augusta National from the tips and trying to break par. The good news is that I know it will click eventually and I just to need to get busy memorizing all of the five hundred million grammar rules that this beautiful language has. Everyone here is in the same situation that I am though so we will all suffer and persevere together.

Suprising as it may sound I really don't have all that much new to report. My days all blend into one another and I have nearly zero down time. I am either eating, being taught Russian, studying Russian, attempting to speak Russian and getting blank stares in return or playing Uno...and eating. I really cannot say that I have one favorite dish but the national food, Vareniki (spelling is wayyy off) is excellent. They are pretty much meat filled dumplings and are topped of with lots of Mayo (something I love but I apologize to certain others who may have just lost it all over their know who you are). I am fortunate to have a great cook in my host grandmother and so everything I am served tastes delicious. Lots of meats and carbs.

As for the toilet paper, it is pretty much rough brown paper towel but you get used to it after a while. There is no way that Cottonelle would flush down the toilets here so sending me some would be kind but moot. I have more anecdotes but my internet time is about to cut out so I will leave you with my new cell number:


I get free incoming calls so dont be shy. Again, remember the 7 hour time difference. Look forward to hearing some familiar voices soon. Miss you....


Lindsey said...

I am sure that the Vareniki you are eating looks better than the one shown here:

It is great to hear from you...we all love to keep up with your adventures!

mike canner said...

That Vareniki sounds like the ultimate combo of goulash from R.O Brewery! Do you only get internet access for a few minutes a day? I can tell where your heart is right now in your selection of comparisons: the golf course. Do Ukranians golf? Oh, and did Jan ever get a hold of you? Miss you man, love hearing your updates and I'll be calling you soon!