Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 1...

What the hell have I gotten myself into?!?!? Just kidding...I flew into Philly today for a 2 day orinetation of sorts and everything thus far has been great. As you would expect, all of the volunteers are extremely down to earth and really interesting people. My roomate is a fellow Michigander, Royal Oak native and Detroit sports fan which has made the transition easy and fun. We hit up a Belgian Pub tonight where I was able to enjoy one of my favorite beers (Delirium) and watch the Pistons play...could life be any better? I think not.

All in all today has been everything I hoped and needed it to be. There was the obligatory paper work and Peace Corps policy lecture that was loads of fun, but more importantly, I am surrounded by great people and am on my way to developing a support system that will sustain me for the next 27 months. I will obviously miss all of my family and friends (you're my family too) but I am thrilled to be less than 24 hours in and already feel so comfortable with my new Peace Corps family. No doubt there are tought, trying times ahead but I am up to the task and am ready to test my resolve. I miss you all and hope to be able to update again sometime in the first week or two of April. Thank you for your love and support...I am blessed. On to Ukraine!

PS: For some reason the time stamps on my posts are off my 3 or 4 hours so just ignore them until I figure out how to fix it...that is all.


Vicki said...

I am so proud of this challenge you are taking.
I will miss you, and will take good care of your mother and brothers while you're away..
stay safe...stay well.
aunt vicki

Lauren said...

Hi! I hope your new home is treating you well. I miss you & hope you are enjoying your thong bikinis:) Love, Lauren

M to the I said...

Babushkas and Kremlins! How are you buddy? Hope to hear from you soon and I miss you everyday. Write and let us know your address asap! Keep safe and enjoy yourself! Love, Mike