Monday, March 31, 2008

A Quick Hello...

So i promise to write in great depth when I have some real time to sit down and think, but while i have a second at the computer i will give you a quick idea of what my life has been like over the past week, what i am doing and who i am living with...

My training in Philly was a whirlwind filled with policy speak and cliche getting to know you games...but they were necessary and helped to break the ice. 64 of us had a chance to settle our nerves and talk through all that we were feeling, which was pretty much the same and very therapeutic. The two days passed by quickly and we boarded busses to leave for JFK in NYC.

The next day and a half was spent on airplanes (Lufthansa is hands down the best airlines i have ever flown) and on benches sleeping in the Munich airport. A long couple of days but not all that bad. My luggage all made it with me and considering not everyone could say that i consider it a huge success!

After landing in Kiev we headed to some hotel-ish type place in the woods and went through 2 more days of policy and debreifing. I found out who would be in my cluster (the group of people i will be studying with and living in the same town as)...all very good people...and found out that i would be learning Russian, a very nice surprise.

I will write more later...bering rushed. All is well. Love you all.

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J Ro said...

Jord...Can't wait to hear your version of Back in the USSR..."Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out..They leave the West behind.... and Moscow girls make me sing and shout. That Georgia's always on m-m-m-my mind"

It's impressive you are bilingual so quickly... I look forward to learning some new words... Perhaps you can open up an online school for Americans, "Russian for Dummies"

Love you soooooooooo.,

J Ro