Friday, March 21, 2008

A little less than 36 hours from now I will be boarding a plane for Philadelphia and from there my new life begins. A million thoughts are running through my head right now...some good, some scary but all very real. I think it is natural to second guess a decision of this magnitude, one that takes me so far out of my comfort zone, but when I delve deep inside I know that I am making the right choice. These next 27 months will push me to be the very best person I can, to go far beyond the the artificial boundaries I have set for myself and have been so scared to leave. I am ready. I am ready to succeed. I am ready to fail. I am ready to go. I love all of you and will keep you close to my heart throughout my journey, wherever it may take me.

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Joshua said...

Was that disclaimer on the top of your blog the product of your unique wit or was that actually mandatory for all bloggers?

Good Journey my friend